We have included here files for you to use to help you document your data on your investigations and general information. They are in PDF format (you will need the FREE Adobe reader application to open it) and WORD. Before you use any of the files below please read our Disclaimer [CLICK HERE]..thank you.
INVESTIGATOR LOG - Single page document for you to use on your individual investigations.
INTERVIEW LOG - Two page document for you to use when interviewing clients.
HOW TO MOVE SPIRITS ON TO THE LIGHT - Detailed instructions on how to move spiritis on to the light and various methods and approaches of how to do this.
SEANCE INSTRUCTION SHEET- An indepth document to assist you in the correct practices of perfoming a seance. There is a single page giving simple instructions to help you perform / close down a seance.
SCIENTIFIC STUDY (Copy and Paste the following URL)
ARTICLE A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife- Victor James Zammit.
An extensive report on the proof of Life After Death.
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