Here are the most significant evidence that we have been able to capture. We do have lots of photographs so please use the link on the 'Evidence' button above to view our album. You will require Quick time player to view the video files.

Click on the Thumbnail to play / view the file
(you may have to press the 'Ctrl' key if pop-up's are blocked)

Breeden House wav Mans Voice "Laughing"    
RAF Doncaster   qt Mans Voice "Come clean"  
qt Floating Matter
Sweatnham Arms wav Breath    
wav Breaths + Whispering
The White Lion     jpg Apparition
Bell O' The Hill wav Breath    
The Boot and Slipper   qt Tapping in the Cellar  
qt Orbs in Bar
The Raven     jpg Coin 1
jpg Coin 2


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