Knights Grange - 4th October 2007
Knights grange

INTRODUCTION - The Grange appears under this name for the first time in 1325/6 as the Grange of Knytes. These were young men working on the farm. They were labourers rather than scholars and they had not taken there full vows.

Lady Mary Cholmondeley (1563-1625) bought the property and she built the brick mansion you see today. The old farmhouse is now a fully licensed public house and what is left of the out buildings form a sports centre.


Ida (a nun) has been seen sitting on a chair by the front door.


After closing time the landord has heard tables and chairs moving downstairs across the stone floor .

A woman has been seenon the first floor of the building.
Shadows have been seen in variouse parts of the building.

A customer’s dog (early 2007) would not stop growling at the fireplace in the lounge.

Pool balls move on their own.



Gill, Kath and Jenny arrived and we had a walk round. We were told that only a couple of days before a shelf in the kitchen had fell off and things disappear from that room.  

Function RoomFirst Floor

We started upstairs in the function room. There was a cold spot by the table but we got nothing when we used glass divernation. But there was a cold blast of air around the table as though it was circling us.


We split into two groups with a five people from the pub. Kath went downstairs with two people and Jenny and Gill stayed upstairs with the others.



Jenny took control with the glass as Gill went into the loft. Gill had a stone thrown at her feet and Jenny got the following info at the same time. A man, first name begins with A, surname S or T.

12.50am katth and another member of her group downstairs had seen a figure standing by the patio doors located in area 1 . This figure was described as a hooded cloaked figure and their cape was flowing as if the wind had caught it. Kath checked out the are and nothing was found. When she returnd to her location (in the pool room) the figure could be clearly see again
Floor Plan

Kath, Gill and Jenny were upstairs using the glass ans we got the feeling we were being watched.


1.30am Finish

We went into the loft and took some photo’s. We got a couple of orbs. ORBS
CONCLUSION:This would make a great second visit, but on our ownWe would like to find out who the hooded figure was and who was watching us