The Brighton Bell, Winsford - 17 March 2006

The pub was once called The Railway Hotel. It started life as a farm house. On the 17th April 1948, this area was the scence of a train crash at the back of pub. The Princes’s Arthur of Cannaught was passing through Winsford Junction, when a solider realizing the train was not going to stop pulled the communication cord and as the train slowed down, he jumped off and left. Meanwhile the City of Nottingham train was fast approaching ant collided with the standing train. A lot of the passengers were given shelter in the pub and many homes nearby. The restaurant was once home to The Mona Pullman carriage made in 1933. It worked the London to Brighton line and in 1948 carried the Queen. It was taken away and a reseraunt extension was built in its place.

last quarter
Internal - 21C 67% Humidity
Cool and Damp.
Staff have reported feeling watched in various parts of the building.
Glasses have moved behind the bar.

Main Bar

We heard several weird noises and a chair fell off a bench when we were all away from it. This all happened when we were asking out .

Phil heard growling noises from the restaurant.

We all heard the sound of glass bottles being banged together from behind the bar. The glass cleaner was turned off and still we all heard the noise.


Pool Room

We started a seance.

We picked up on a solider but we couldn’t get much information only the letter D for his first name and E begins his surname.

We also picked up on a girl aged 4 or 5 years, who had died after an accident in this room when it was a barn. She had hurt her head, neck and back. We think she had fell out of the loft in the barn but she told us she does not like animals or this building.

Then all of a sudden, we were joined by her Grandfather who was not happy we were talking to her and they left.

A third entity a man came but he was giving negative responses so the circle was closed down.
Main Bar

More noises were heard around this area and shadows were seen along the wall.


Main Bar

We all heard a loud sign but we saw nothing. The small corridor heading to the kitchen had an unpleasant feeling about it.

4am Finish.  
CONCLUSION:Although Lots of things seemed to bepicked up by the team (audibles and sounds) nothing was caught on audio or camera.