The Boot and Slipper,Wettenhall, Nr Winsford - 18 November 2006
Boot and Slipper

This is a black and white 17th century building. It has now been extended. It was first known as The Boot and Slipper but was changed to The Royal Oak during the late 1870’s to 1880’s. It was then changed back to The Boot and Slipper.
Before the extension, part of the pub was a house.

Ray, an exlandlord use to live in the house while working in the pub with his family.
last quarter
INTERNAL = 21C 67% H
weather   Cool and Damp.
2 men havea been seen in the pub, both are thought to be ex-landlords.
Cellar doors slams shut.
Doors open and close, staff names are called out.
bullet   Noises heard in main bar early in the morning, when owner investigated, the empties bin had been moved and a bottle of scotch smashed on the floor.
bullet   Staff regularly see a man sitting in the corner of the bar area.

18 NOV
Small Lounge

EMF reader took higher readings the further away you went from electrical items. Very high readings in the middle of the archway through small dining room and doorway into bar.
.Mandy heard "Mmmm" in a different voice. A few orbs coming from the small dining room.

Door leading to new dinning extension has been closed and locked but was now open. Kath’s torch stopped working. Mandy heard banging and Gill had a cold blast up her back, all while we were sitting in the small dining room. The same door rattled.
Main Bar

As we sat in extension, Mandy saw shapes moving under stairs. Kath’s infa red stopped working. Door opened and the sound off creaking and banging.

26 NOV
Main Bar

While we were all talking with Trudy and the land lady Joan, the cellar door banged. Trudy told us that knocking sounds and banging sounds had been heard all week.
Kath, Trudy and Gill went into the cellar. They heard shuffling noices in the corner by the outside doors. At the same time Gill took a series of photo’s and the middle photo there were two orbs. The photo’s either side of this photo, there was nothing.

10 FEB 07
Main Bar
We held our first sceance with the board in the extension. Nothing much happened but there was a cold spot by the cellar door.

A second sceance was started in the small dining room with Joan, Trudy, Mandy and Kirsty(Joan’s granddaughter). Joan and Trudy went cold and the glass went to Joan.
Phil’s camera went out of focus. When asked who was in the room, it came back with three men and one woman .It is said there was Tom Oakes, Ray and two other people but we could not get any information on them. Personnal readings came through for Mandy and Joan

1.50am Both Kath and Gill left the sceance and went into the small dining room. Paul joined us. Paul thought he saw movement under the stairs. Kath saw two lights. Paul and Kath went cold. With this, Gill took a photo of an orb. Photo
2.35am Paul, Gill and Kath rejoined the sceance. The EMF reader gave high readings. Mixed messages and wrong spellings were given on the board and no one could understand the messages.  
3am Finish  
CONCLUSION: The location seems to be very active with sightings on a regular basis. Any ghosts that are there must be shy of new faces. With only a few banging doors and cold spots which can be attributed to draughts this location needs another investigation to see if we can capture proof on video.