Bell O' The Hill - 12th August 2006
Pub Bell2

INTRODUCTION - This black and white Coaching Inn dates back (in part) from the 14th century.
It lies near the highway that in 1668, the Harrison Gang (who were also highwaymen) used when they stole horses. A previous landlord had a pet duck who use to peck the customers.

HAUNTINGS - The ghost of a Cavalier and the pet duck have been reported. Also the feeling of being watched. Battery powered Christmas decorations have a life of their own.


12am - The Hallway- Kath was having problems with her camera. Gill took a photo of an orb.

12.30am  Lounge- The room felt very cold but the temp was 20.7c. Gill took a photo of a dust orb. The cameras and camcorders were losing battery power and memory. A bright blue orb was seen by the landlady at the bottom of the stairs.

1.20am - Gill heard someone whisper “HELLO” in her ear. A few groans  were heard by Phil and Gill heard “GILLIAN” spoken in her ear Kath heard a groan.

3.30am - Finish


Investigation Pics

CONCLUSION - During the evening we heard sounds, voices and photographed some orbs. Nothing happened by the Priest Hole or the glass display unit