St Ediths Church Shocklach - 2 June 2006
church phil and mandy

INTRODUCTION - This beautiful church stands alone. It has a Norman nave built about 1150 with a 14th century chancel, Norman south facing doorway and a pulpit dated from 1687. This church is on the site of great sadness. There was a flood and most of the village was underwater. The villagers went inside the church thinking they would be safe but they were drowned. There are scratches on the door and walls. This is from where they tried to get out. These can still be seen today.

The church used to be in the centre of the village until the Black Death. The villagers moved and built a new village a couple of miles down the road.

REPORTED ACTIVITY - Once a year the Bererton Family are said to return to the church. Phantom coaches are seen heading towards the church. Several sightings of an old woman by one of the graves have been reported.

People who have visited the location say they get the feeling of being watched.

10PM - As we drove down to the church we were followed by what looked like headlights from another car. Gill turned our car around but no other car was there. The lane is too narrow to turn round any where else and no cars could pass eachother without being seen.

11pm - Phil could hear singing coming from inside but all was locked up and we could see nothing.

1am -Team located at various points around the church. Sounds were heard but were taken to be wildlife.

2am -Wrapped session up. Debrief.