Denbigh Asylum - 2 August 2007


INTRODUCTION - This is our first visit to the Asylum and what a location. We were all just in awe of the place. What initialy struck us was how peacfull the site was. Dormant and sleepy. Hands on hearts yes we were a little frightend going into the site. Lets face it who woudn't be? This typifies what a haunted building should look like, but we put our fear aside and gingerly made our way onto the estate.

Unfortunately the estate is in a terribly delapodated condition and as always First Aid kits were taken. This building is truely beautiful even in its now poor state and needs to be saved NOW. Although we moved freely around the site on the exterior we did not have time to venrture further. More security had been put in place with regards to barracades but it was clear to see that people had gained access through these.

If you are reading this and want to visit the site be WARNED it is VERY VERY DANGEROUS and you do so at your own risk.

Denbigh Asylums Future - Knowone seams to know what is happening with the building. It should have been demolished last year to be replaced by...... a housing estate. Now you tell me is that RIGHT? This was the reason for going in the first place to see her in all her glory before she disapears forever.

The Chapel - Externally it is intact. The interior unfortunately has been vandalised, only the roof remians in its original state.
The Morgue was easily accessable but again the main slab has been vandalised. We were amazed how small it was, considering the amount of patients the Asylum must have housed. Only enough room to put 6 bodies in the freezer.

Mandy felt that someone had touched her when we were taking photos outside the Morgue.

On then to theTreatment Centre located behind the Morgue.

We ALL heard a mans voice here. Mandy heard the name Margaret, but there were no other people on the site.