The Three Lamps, Crewe Town Centre - 22 June 2005 / 30 August 2007
3 lamps

The Three Lamps used to be a hotel and backs onto the
Crewe Lyceum Theatre which was built in 1882.

The site was previously a Roman Catholic church and graveyard! A gravestone was foud in the cellar.

Many actors and audience members used to drink in the pub after a show. Unfortunately we do not have an exact date the pub was built but we know it dates back to at least 1756.


last quarter
weather   Very hot and humid. Cool
Monk has been heard chanting while walking through a wall where a door used to be, which backs onto the Theatre
the Landlord has been awoken to the sound of loud banging noises in the bar area.

A barrel moved on its own in the cellar.


The kettle boils dry and the microwave door opens in the kitchen.

Other staff members have also had experiences

The landlady’s handbag disappeared and reappeared in the kitchen hanging next to the fly zapper in the kitchen.


The pub’s new puppy watches something go around the building.


Other items disappear or move around.


EMF reader took higher readings the further away you went from electrical items. Very high During walk round high fluctuating EMF readings around stone cellar floor. Floorboards and draughts checked.

Camera locked off in bar area. EVP recorder locked off next to wall where Monk has been seen. Trigger object in kitchen area. We split up into two groups. One starting in the Cellar and the other in the old hotel rooms upstairs. During last half hour I did an EVP experiment using Q and A.

An hour into the vigil the barcam picked up a 3 second burst of small Light Anomalies in the top right hand corner of the frame. My group in the cellar picked up a small LA on video, 10 seconds later cellar door banged shut.

Second group on third floor caught many LA going up and down corridor from 'Monks Wall' as well as photographs of orbs.

The strangest of all the results was in the last few minutes of EVP recording. When played back you can easily hear a female voice say 'HELP ME'. Email me if you want a copy of the EVP.

Unfortunately nothing happened to the trigger object in the kitchen.

11.15pm We started and we asked out. Main bar area nothing, so we went into the cellar.

12am As we were asking out, we all heard faint knocking sounds.  As we made our way to the far room, Mandy could hear talking in the corner and when she asked “could you do something for us” The answer was “no”. Gil stood in this spot and felt nothing. But we all heard a glass (which we had place in the other room) moving.

12.40am Gas pipe made a loud noise in the middle room, now this could only happen if someone was pulling a pint upstairs (no one was there). Sound of this on voice recorder.

1am Back upstairs, Kath, Gill and the landlord and landlady went into the kitchen. As Kath was asking out, we all heard a loud noice in the store room and the  Fly zapper made a noice but no one had noticed any flies.

1.30am   We all met up again  and asked out.   A loud noice was heard in the Dining area when Kath was asking out. Kath carried on and again another noise. Gill saw what she thought was a figure walking past the pool table  and took a photo. An orb appeared on the photo. Gill kept getting movement from the same area out of the corner of her eye.

CONCLUSION: A very interesting investigation. With the evidence we have collected so far there is definitely something going on at the Three Lamps...Paranormal?...we'll have to wait and see. We'd also like to thank the staff for inviting us to the Three Lamps.